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Casio Digital LCD Watches Forum :: Casio Watches :: Casio Repair Tips & Service/User Manuals :: Casio TS-100, can you calibrate the thermometer?  ::
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Casio TS-100, can you calibrate the thermometer? (December 18, 2018, 01:31:07 AM) quote  
Hi guys, I dugged up my old Casio TS-100 to show my kids and I noticed the temperature was off. I have never noticed this before and was wonder if perhaps at the last battery change the watch repair person I took it to must have "messed" with it?

I took the back off and noticed a sticker that said "do not turn" next to a flathead screw. Is that a setting screw for the thermometer?

Can anyone help?

I would like to know how to re-calibrate the thermometer on my Casio TS-100.
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