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Casio an-9 [104] (September 23, 2016, 08:20:30 PM) quote  
Good afternoon,

first of all, I do not have certainty if this is the correct place to create the thread. If not I apologise in advance.

I have a casio an-9 [104] that belong to my father, I found it a few weeks ago. I went to a watch shop to do battery change and to see if the watch still worked. After a few days, they said that could not repair it, they changed the battery but the dial didn't display any thing.
At home I opened the watch and notice if I pressed the new battery down, the dial displayed the digital hands but very faded. I thought of a contact problem, but since it could be more than that, decided to ask here if the forum community knows any repair shop that could do a evaluation of the watch and see if it could be repair.
Also, I notice that the watch works fine, but I can only see the hands at a 45 angle. If I put it at a right angle, I can not the anything.
Thank you!
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