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Casio W-756 Module 3100 Personality change (August 21, 2015, 02:02:31 AM) quote  
I just changed the battery in my Casio W-756 (Module 3100 innards), and now some buttons do different functions. It has 5 buttons: two on each side and one button center bottom. Normally the top right button is "Light" and the bottom right is "-" (the bottom center button is "+"). But now the top right button seems to do nothing and the bottom right button is the "Light". The other 3 buttons perform the correct functions. I reset the watch and removed/reinstalled the battery but it still has those 2 buttons doing the wrong function. Physically all buttons seem fine on the module / circuit board.

Does the Module 3100 have different "personalities"? How do I toggle between them to get back to the functionality it had? Thanks!
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RE: Casio W-756 Module 3100 Personality change (October 14, 2015, 04:06:39 AM) quote  
I think you did not fit the module in case correctly. or you move the module in case. so again correctly align case module in case or try to re-fit the watch module in case.

Also see all side buttons, when you press them it correctly touching / intact to the module side plates, which complete the circuit job.

after testing all functions properly working then close the watch caseback.


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