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Casio DW-220DG Battery Replacement (February 15, 2017, 09:12:43 PM) quote  
I recently refurbished an original Casio Depth Gauge watch (DW-220DG) I purchased in the 80's. As usual, I wasn't as careful as I should have been to note the position of the various parts when replacing the battery. I believe I determined the correct location for the small green plastic insulator (i.e., between the battery and hold-down clip?), but I am not completely sure as to the position of the metal contact (#1 in the attached photo). Another member of this forum had kindly pointed out to me to be careful with the speaker (#3?) connection (#1?) and it occurs to me that maybe #1 is the speaker connection in question? The reason I am concerned is that the speaker does not work either in the countdown mode or the alarm mode. I can see the speaker icon on the front display flash when the speaker is supposed to be sounding, but no sound occurs. In all other respects, the watch is working just fine.

So, my question is, is #1 the speaker connection, and do I have it in the correct position underneath the battery clip? Or is #1 supposed to be above the battery and clip like #2?


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