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Casio Never Die!
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f-80 day malfunction (September 20, 2011, 12:46:12 AM) quote  
hi all ... new here.

now have 2 casios ... w-720 .. daily driver for maybe 40 years ... and just resurrected an f-80 found in my sister's estate.

with a new battery, the f-80 works fine except for the day indicators .... monday for instance is 'me' instead of 'mo'. each day seems off except sunday 'su'. is there a recalibration fix? the crystal is clear except for a nasty chip in lower left corner indicating a hard shock ... had to glue a broken loose piece to the back of the face when i replaced the batt.

the w-720 is a scarred vet. a month ago i finally cracked the crystal fully horizontally across the time but still seems fine. it's taken tremendously greater hits than that one but it must have been just right.

amazing watches.
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