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How A Medical Alarm Bracelet Can Save Your Life (February 15, 2017, 02:17:59 PM) quote  
Hello friends,

Have you ever considered using a medical alarm bracelet? These devices are becoming increasingly popular among senior citizens who are at a greater risk of falling in the house or otherwise becoming injured. The Center for Disease Control has released reports that show women are at a 67 percent chance of incurring an injury that is nonfatal than men are. While men are at a greater chance of dying from a fall than women, these elderly women are much more likely to incur a broken bone during the fall due to osteoporosis. A fall such as this can render an individual immobile and therefore unable to get to the phone to call for help.

Additional reports have shown that in the year of 2004, 85 percent of the deaths related to falling were incurred by individuals ages 75 and older. When a person of this age incurs a serious fall it is far more likely that they will have to spend a year or more in a managed care facility while they recuperate. While it can be tempting to limit activity during this part of life in order to keep the risk of injury to a minimum, it is still important to stay active and fit. Due to these troubling statistics, it is easy to see why anybody over the age of 65, and especially over the age of 75, is recommended to use a medical alarm bracelet.

The main reason why a medical alarm bracelet is recommended is due to the fact that the risk of incurring a long term injury is not as great when help can be received in a short period of time. A fast treatment can mean a very short recovery time and fewer long term ailments. When you use these devices you can call for help the moment you fall and incur an injury. Otherwise you may find yourself unable to get to the phone and will be incapacitated until somebody finds you. As soon as you push the button on the wireless transmitter, a member of the monitoring service will be in contact with you. If the situation is deemed necessary they will send an ambulance, otherwise they will contact a trusted family member.

Really this is a very useful watch for emergency. If you want to share more knowledge about then you can share with us.


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