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Most visited forum.  (February 15, 2017, 09:05:46 PM) quote  
Every time I log on, it seems there are inevitably more peeps in the G-shock forum than any other brand/theme (excluding public forum), so when seeing the thread "Which watch brands do you just not get?", I was suprised to see how many people said G-shock. It seems like a contradiction that g-shock is listed so frequently as an "I don't get it watch" and yet somehow the forum is still so highly trafficked.

The only explanation I can think of is that g-shock is generally more universally accepted by the non-wis community and therefore receives more traffic from guests that find the forum via general internet search, rather than members. The only way I can think to test this theory is poll the wis community/forum members and try to ascertain wether or not there is a majority feeling one way or another. For obvious reasons, I did not want to run this poll in the g-shock forum as I'm sure the overwhelming majority would vote with a bias.

I must admit, I'm a recent g-shock convert. I did not "get them" and never visited the forum until I needed some general info for my first one, a gw7900-1b to have something to wear while I'm working/painting around the house. The general idea being that it can take a beating and I would not be distracted about not wanting to harm any of my other "nicer" watches. After receiving it however, I liked it so much that I don't want to beat on it!! So guess what? Thats right, I had to get another, less expensive one that I could wear as a beater. Imagine it. A beater watch to wear so I wouldn't have to beat on my beater!!! I think part of me was suprised at how much I would enjoy wearing a "fun" watch that I can take less seriously and kind of reminds me of being a kid again with a cool digital watch on.

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